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Elaine Setzer-Maxwell and Stephen Starnes at Teacher Treasures in Lenoir

Time is a precious resource. We are all becoming experts at multitasking, being more productive, and trying to do it all. While we run the race of daily life, we find that something is missing. We can identify that missing piece as an unfulfilled need to serve our communities.

Everyone has this need. We all know about the wonderful non-profit agencies and service clubs in our own communities. They are well organized, with members attending regular meetings and social hours. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to attend these worthwhile events. They do, however, have time to serve.

IMPACT by Rotary was formed to meet the needs of individuals who recognize their personal drive to serve but cannot commit to regular meetings. IMPACT by Rotary started as a companion club (officially called a "satellite") of the Rotary Club of Lenoir, which recognized the need for an organized structure and an opportunity to quickly perform service amongst individuals' busy schedules.

Once IMPACT by Rotary members are inducted into their home Rotary club, they choose their level of involvement. They may serve often, or rarely. But every hour of service they perform is an hour of service that would have otherwise been lost. Some may even become traditional Rotarians and start attending regular meetings. Or traditional Rotarians experiencing a life change may find they can maintain their Rotary connection by moving to the IMPACT by Rotary companion club.

Either way, IMPACT by Rotary members are tasked with getting in, serving, and then going home. It's that simple.


Rotary Ninja Being in Impact is Like Being a Rotary Ninja...Get In. Serve. Go Home.
Patrick Longano headshot

Patrick Longano, Director of IMPACT by The Rotary Club of Lenoir

Caryn Gibson, IMPACT by Rotary Staff


IMPACT by The Rotary Club of Lenoir is chartered by The Rotary Club of Lenoir and was formed to enable citizens in the Lenoir Rotary area to engage in a full range of Rotary activities with a schedule and service-only focus. This enhances the ability of former Rotarians, non-traditional Rotarians, and family of Rotarians to participate regardless of other commitments.  Club members range from educators to business owners, retired military and beyond.  The IMPACT by The Rotary Club of Lenoir Club Chair attends regular club Board meetings.  The club engages virtually and through service projects. IMPACT by Rotary is branching out by sharing resources with other clubs and satellites by providing links to service opportunities, organization, and training.

Lenoir Rotary with Rotary International Shield on yellow